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On this critically acclaimed drama about a top Los Angeles law firm, some of the best battles take place outside of the courtroom. In the bedroom, in the courtroom, or at McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak's staff meetings, the firm's ambitious, competitive attorneys confront conflict between their own desires, their obligations as attorneys, and their principles as human beings. EMMY AWARDS "L.A. Law" won the following 15 Emmy Awards during its run: 1987 Outstanding Drama Series Outstanding Art Direction for a Series - "Pilot" - Jeffrey L. Goldstein, Production Designer; Richard D. Kent, Set Decorator Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series - "Pilot" - Gregory Hoblit Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series - "Pilot" - Alfre Woodard Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series - "The Venus Butterfly" - Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher 1988 Outstanding Editing for a Series (single camera production) - "Full Marital Jacket" - Elodie Keene Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Larry Drake 1989 Outstanding Drama Series Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Larry Drake 1990 Outstanding Drama Series Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Jimmy Smits Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series - "Blood, Sweat and Fears" - David E. Kelley 1991 Outstanding Drama Series Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series - "On The Toad Again" - David E. Kelley 1992 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Richard Dysart NIELSEN RATINGS The show was a ratings leader throughout its run: #21 in the 1986- 1987 Season #13 in the 1987- 1988 Season #13 in the 1988- 1989 Season #16 in the 1989- 1990 Season #23 in the 1990- 1991 Season #28 in the 1991- 1992 Season "L.A. Law" ON CABLE "L.A. Law" reruns air on A&E occasionally.

What an amazing DVD Set for the LA Law Fan!

All 170 Uncut Episodes - 8 Seasons on 36 DVDS

  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • 100% in chronological order
  • Commercial free and unedited
  • This box set contains all 36 DVDs with Custom Artwork.
  • These DVDs are region free so they will play on any DVD player Worldwide and DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide.


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